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The Top Five Reasons for Moving to Florida

October 31, 2011 by  

Considering a change of scenery? While some people like to live in the same place year after year, other people like to move from time to time to get a different view on the world around them. No one will argue that there are many cool places around the country to move to, however, you need to find the one place that will serve your needs and provide your family with a good life. Florida is one state that can often meet the needs of various different people and Florida moversmake moving there easy. Perhaps that is why so many people move to the state each year. If you are considering a move, make sure that you think about these five reasons that people choose Florida as the state they will move to with their family next.

  1. Mild Weather: Perhaps one of the main reasons that so many people love the state of Florida is the weather that it receives each year. While there is an occasional hurricane, most of the time weather in Florida is warm and mild. Even in the winter time, Floridians enjoy beach type weather that can make dealing with the different seasons much cheaper and easier, especially on the older generation.
  2. Lots to Do: No matter what your interests are, there are always things to do in the state of Florida. There are multiple theme parks located all over the state, including Disney, Sea World, and Busch Gardens. You can also take riding lessons at one of the many stables across the state, or learn how to surf at one of the local surfing schools.
  3. Beach Access: The beaches in Florida are known all over the world. Regardless of what area you choose to move to, there will always be a beach close by. Instead of planning your vacation around the beach, you can simply take an afternoon and go see the sand and the surf without ever straying far from home. This, in and of itself, can often make Florida the destination of choice for both single people as well as families.
  4. Taxes: While many states in the United States have state taxes each year, Florida does not. The money is gotten from other locations, such as the state sales tax. However, this means that you don’t have to file a state return each year, which can be a big selling point for many people who are looking to move.
  5. Technology: With so many people and so many interesting points around the state, it is no wonder that technology here is not lagging behind. In fact, you will find more advances in technology in the Sunshine state than you will almost anywhere else. While there are lots of seniors in the area, there are also plenty of tech savvy businesses and even government agencies that make the state one on the forefront of technology in today’s world.

As you can see, there are many different reasons for moving to the Sunshine State; from families to seniors moving to Florida. Considering a

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move is a big deal, but finding the perfect place to live can be very rewarding. Therefore, if you are moving soon, and the destination is up to you, make sure that you consider Florida as your new home and see just how much like paradise this little state can be.

Jayson Krept is a home moving and security expert with many years in the industry. He recommends that new owners take their own security measures by opting for a security system, and that anyone who is moving to Florida is sure to hire the right Florida moving companies regardless of where they are moving within the state.

Miami Movers – Help You Move in Florida

August 31, 2010 by  

There are many places in Florida that would make a great home for you and your family. One of the most popular, however, is the city of Miami. Tons of things are in Miami for you and your family to get into. From the beautiful beaches, to the jumping nightlife, there really is no end to the many things that beckon to you from this place. Just like any other city, however, the moving process tends to incur high costs and plenty of stress. Thankfully, there are Miami movers out there that can help get you moved and settled for less than you might expect.

Finding a Company

The first step in finding a Miami moving company is doing research in different companies that operate in that area. There are plenty of choices, so make sure that you look into each one of your options before choosing one over the others. Find a company that has a good reputation and who is up to date on all of their licenses and certifications. Make sure that there are not many complaints against the company either. You can often find complaints from previous consumers by calling the Better Business Bureau or looking online. Contact the FMCSA for more information regarding requirements that movers must follow.

Packing Up

Once you find Florida moving companies that will handle the transport of your things from one home to another, you can start packing all of your things into boxes. This is a long process, so if you are unable to complete it on your own, or if you think you might have trouble, contact the mover to see if they offer packing services. If you do decide to pack everything up on your own, then make sure to get the kids and other family members involved. Moving with kids is more difficult that moving on your own, so do some research and see how you can take the stress out of a move with kids and other family members.

Moving Day

Moving day is probably going to be chaotic, but by planning ahead and organizing your things, you can make it through the day without too many problems. Make sure that things are planned out in advance and that you know who is doing what and who is going where. If you have pets, ensure that considerations have been made for them on this day as well. Moving with seniors in your family too? Make sure that you plan ahead for them too. It might be a lot to remember, but it is important that each sector of your family is cared for throughout the move. Remember, the move is almost over at this point, and soon you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of Miami, your new home.